• Friday, August 20, 2021

Dear users, we are glad to inform you that we have installed a new release of our portal.

Release notes 0.8 

New products:

-Rates of the line Bulgaria.

-New domain zones available

Portal and personal account:

 -New background, interface refinement

 -Optimized page loading

 -Moving the portal to the Singapore data center

 -Change domain name from greyweb.ru to greywebs.com

 -Letter S stands for Service (GWS - Gray Web Service)


 -Changing the support address to support@greywebs.com

Control panel: Main menu.

 -In the "Monitoring and Logs" section, the item "WWW-requests log" has been added.


-Sites. The "Logs" button has been added to the context menu to view the log of WWW requests to the site.

-Mailboxes. Optimized work with mailbox aliases.


-PHP. Added the ability to change the PHP version and settings in FastCGI (Nginx PHP-FPM) mode individually for each site.

Bug fixes:

-Let's Encrypt. Fixed a bug when issuing a certificate with verification via DNS, which occurred in the absence of a domain name.

-Backup. The error that occurred when restoring databases from a backup has been fixed.